Large Plastic Granulator

Harden Large Plastic Granulators which are used for plastic wastes and scraps shredding.The large plastic granulator below can shred the plastic into very small particles. They are applied to the recycling of plastic including injection molding material, molding scrap, plastic bottles, profile extrusion, pipe extrusion and injection waste from plastic factories or laboratory.

Plastic Granulator-SG4065
Plastic Granulator-SG4065

Large Plastic Granulator is available in different models which helps the user to select the machine as per the operation they are used for. They can be customized according to the customer’s specification.

Large Plastic Granulator Features:

* High Output
* Easy Maintenance
* Low rotate speed and low noise
* Less energy consumption

Operate Options Of Large Plastic Granulator:

* Mute type hopper
* Mute base
* Fixed support or casters
* Custom shapes of feed hopper and storage bin
* Manual discharge, vacuum suction or air feeding into the hopper and storage bin

Working video for Plastic Granulator:

Large Plastic Granulator Parameters:

Cutting Chamber(mm)Ø400 * 650Ø400*800
Output MeshØ5~Ø25Ø5~Ø25
Motor Power(kw)3745
Machine Weight(kg)23502750